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We are a unique independent insurance agency.  We seek to help people through education and providing them with the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

Our unique advantages:

  • Your own solutions
  • Your choice of insurance company
  • Coverage within your financial means


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We will be your guide through the process of enrolling or applying for insurance.

We respond within 24-48 hours to all phone and email inquires.

We continue to serve you and answer any questions you may have about your coverage, billing , or claims.

We take time to build a relationship with you.  On average, our initial meeting will last around 1 hour.  We listen to your story, your needs and your wishes.


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Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt




What is your physical address?

615 Saint George Sq. Ct; Suite 300; Winston Salem NC 27103

We are on the 3rd floor in the Regus suites.  When you exit the elevator, turn to the right and you will be greeted by receptionist.  If you have any problems finding our location, please call us.

How long will our initial meeting last?

Until all of your questions have been answered and you have a through understanding of the coverage you selected.

On average, our meetings will last 1 hour.  Keep in mind, that time varies dependent upon the number of questions and the number of individuals attending the meeting—-the more , the merrier.

If you have a time limitation, please let us know when you schedule the appointment.

Is there a fee for your service?

No.  Never.  Not a chance.

There is never a fee for our service.  We have relationships with several insurance companies and they compensate us.

We have always found Ms. Hunt to be very professional yet personable, willing to assist with any situation or question we may have.  Melissa is always prepared and knowledgeable of the current intricacies of health insurance/Medicare.  We cannot strongly enough stress what a valuable resource she can be and how equally strongly we would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with health insurance. Stephen B.

Melissa Hunt and Hunt Insurance Solutions has been a great asset to us in obtaining Health Insurance.  Melissa’s professional approach and determination has helped us understand our choices and the current complicated insurance process.  Melissa worked tirelessly for us with problems that arose using healthcare.gov.  We look forward to working with Hunt Insurance Solutions for our future insurance needs. Thank Your Melissa! Mark & Maureen S.

In seeking assistance with our health insurance needs, we found Melissa Hunt to be knowledgeable, thorough, and able to explain complex insurance information in understandable terms.  Ms. Hunt is both professional and personable.  We have also found her to be responsive to inquiries and very helpful with any paperwork needed.  She acts in the best interest of her clients and seems more of an insurance partner than an agent. Norvis B.