Why do I need to use an agency when I can go directly to an insurance company?

Two words:  Why not?   Why would you do something alone if you could get help?

Below are some of the benefits I can think of as to why most share they choose to use a local insurance agency….what do you think?  Comment below.

1- No hold times on telephone.  When was the last time you spoke directly to a large company within 60 seconds?  For most, its a phone tree.  When you choose a local independent insurance agency, you may have a person who picks up the phone within 60 seconds.  Or they call you back in a timely manner. You do not get lost in a phone tree.

2-Someone to help you understand insurance jargon.  Unless you have experience in reading contracts, having a licensed agent by your side is helpful.  And even then, you can get overwhelmed.  Insurance is a contract.  What?!?  Who knew.  Well your local insurance agent does and its their goal to help you understand each piece of that contract.

3-Its about you!  An insurance agent gets paid on how well they help you.  Yep, that’s right, that particular person you just spoke with at your local insurance agency has a vested interest in you.  They are compensated for you.  If they do a good job, they get paid.  If you are unhappy and go somewhere else, they don’t get paid. Its that simple, they want to please you.  And if for no other reason, then its to get a paycheck.  When you speak to a call center, they may not be compensated directly on how well they help you.  More than likely, you are just a number.

4-Update to date on changes.  Oh my goodness, this is big one I hear my clients tell me.  With today’s ever changing regulations and insurance climate, its important to have someone you can call and ask specific questions about changes.  Your local agent is serious about staying up-to-date on any industry changes.  Matter of fact, they have to complete continuing education.  And you cannot get that service from an 800#.  Imagine calling an 800# to ask a quick question about a change you heard about recently.  Us either.  Just call your local agency.

And much more, but we know you are tired of reading so we kept it short.  Again, another benefit of working with a local independent agent.  They care about YOU!

~Melissa Hunt