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The 4 Parts to Medicare

  • Part A-Hospital
  • Part B-Doctors
  • Part C-Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Part D-Prescription Drug Plan

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Am I eligible for Medicare Part A&B?

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What is a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)?

What work information do I have to provide to enroll into Part B?

There are many ways to enroll into Part B.  If you are collecting SSA, you can enroll online at  If not or your feel you may need assistance, you can visit your local SSA office. As it relates to the work information, you may need to show that you have had creditable covearge through your employer.  If so, you will need to provide them with the following form.

Medicare Supplement

There are 11 standardized Medicare supplement plans.

Each plan has an alpha character such as Plan F, Plan G, etc. Click to see the standardized chart:

Medicare Supplement Plans Chart

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

Medicare can be quite complex.  There are (4) main parts. Part A, B, C & D.

In this section, we will inform you of the Part C–Medicare Advantage Plan options.

When will your new Medicare card be here?

The  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will begin to mail out your new Medicare cards by geographic location and other factors.  The grid to the right will show you when your new cards are set to be mailed.  For North Carolina, the cards will begin mailing after June 2018.  Also, starting in April, you can visit to check the status of the card mailings in your area.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or call us at (336) 793-1833.


Do I need a cancer policy if I have Medicare?

Answer: Yes. Although the medical bills may be taken care of, you may incur a lot of “extra” expenses upon the diagnosis of cancer. Take for example, daily round trips for treatment, loss of work for both me and my wife (or caretaker), buying new clothes if there is a quick change in weight (often occurs with treatment), lodging while receiving treatment, meals for caregivers, changes to your home to accommodate new needs.

Call us at (336) 793-1833 and we will help your navigate your options.

Can Medicare help me quit smoking?

I was surprised recently to read that Medicare can help you quit smoking. After reading further, I noted that Medicare Part B covers up to 8 face-to-face counseling sessions in a 12-month period when you get them from a qualified doctor or other qualified health care provider. So yes indeed, Medicare can help you quit smoking.

Read the entire blog post at

Medicare Beneficiaries ask…Am I required to be notified if a service is not covered?

Yes and No.

An Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) is mandatory in some situations and voluntary in others. It is issued by your laboratory, home health agency, hospice, physician, practitioner, and supplier. It is issued to if you are an Original Medicare beneficiary and if you are in a situation where they expect Medicare to deny payment.

As of March 2017, the form was renewed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). That form will begin to be used on 6/21/2017.

Click AdvanceBeneficaryNotice to view an example of an ABN.  For more information regarding ABN, visit 

If you have any questions or concerns, regarding Medicare payment, please contact us and we will steer you in the right direction. You can reach us at (336) 793-1833.

Medicare Beneficiaries….Do you know what your status is when you are in a hospital?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary and have visited a hospital in the last 2 years, then you maybe familiar with the words hospital status. Otherwise, take a moment to get informed on how your hospital stays can affect your costs. Your insurance benefits are directly related to your status.

Effective no later than March 8th, 2017, all hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAH) are required to provide a MOON.

What is a MOON?

A standardized notice to inform Medicare beneficiaries that they are outpatients receiving observation services and are not inpatients of a hospital or critical access hospital (CAH).

Why does that notice matter?

Per, your status affects how much you pay for hospital services (i.e. X-rays, medications and lab tests). In addition, your status may also affect whether Medicare will cover care you get in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) following your hospital stay.

What can I do to be informed of my status?

Ask clinical staff. I recommend to families that they confirm status each time they have a nursing change or every 12 hours, whichever is shorter.

How does it affect my benefits?

Contact us today to talk with a licensed agent regarding the affect your status can have on your costs.