Hunt Insurance Solutions

Melissa Hunt started Hunt Insurance Solutions with one goal in mind; help people navigate insurance policies through education and providing them with the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to insurance solutions and are honored that you're here to learn more about us. 

Melisa Hunt

Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt is the owner of Hunt Insurance Solutions, over 17 years of experience in the insurance industry and a passion to help people make informed decisions. Melissa graduated with a degree in Marketing and Gerontology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduation, Melissa worked with AON Corporation and AIG prior to traveling each state East-of –the-Mississippi as a National Sales Manager. In 2012, after staying at home with her children for a couple of years, she started Hunt Insurance Solutions. In her spare time, she enjoys RVing, and spending time with David, Savannah, Kayla, Alana and their dogs Chewy and Blue.


Jason Jones

I am Jason Jones, a proud father four terrific children and the Operations Specialist for Hunt Insurance Solutions. My journey has taken me on many great adventures up to this point. I have had the opportunity to work with many great people on many excellent teams. With that being said, I feel truly blessed to have joined Hunt Insurance Solutions where the focus is on doing what is best for the individuals, families and communities that we serve. Impacting people positively is and has always been my passion and now I get to work with a team that could not be more focused on doing the same.

Rachel Williams_picture

Rachel Williams

Rachel serves as administrative assistant here at Hunt Insurance Solutions. She uses her experience working in real estate, business coworking management, and engineering to contribute efficiently and effectiveness to the Hunt Team. Rachel has a unique background with having graduated from North Greenville University in South Carolina with a BA in Theater Production and Design. She hobbies include sewing and spending time with her husband their new baby boy. She also has two cats – Treble and Bass – who like to join in on team meetings every once in a while