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Our Services

We are a unique independent insurance agency. We seek to help people through education and providing them with the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

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Medicare can be quite complex. There are (4) main parts. Part A, B, C & D. We'll help you determine what is right for you.   

Health Insurance

We all need insurance and it can be one of the most frustrating things to understand. We help you find the right policy. 

Dental & Vision

We help you decide what coverage is right for your health. Oftentimes, that will include a Dental & Vision plan. 


If you're an avid international traveler, travel medical insurance for your family or group can be a real life saver. 

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Long Term Care

We offer LTC plans from multiple companies which allows us to provide the widest variety of options available. 

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Life Insurance

Securing proper life insurance is a great way to ensure your family can continue to financially support themselves. 

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Cancer Plans

Critical illness coverage helps with out-of-pocket cancer expenses not covered by your major medical.